in conversation with tony fernandes

Tony Fernandes on Football Fandom and Attempting To Build The New QPR

Despite QPR’s up and down showings under his tenure, Tony Fernandes is one of the more popular owners in English football. We spoke to him about the mistakes of the past and his new vision for the club.
Will Magee
the urge to merge

When Two Remain Two: A Potted History of Failed Soccer Club Mergers

Plans to merge two football clubs are rarely popular and tend to founder, often in the face of overwhelming fan opposition. Here, we revisit some of the grand alliances that never came to pass.
Jim Weeks
three points! three points! my kingdom for three points!

Several Teams, Including Plucky Arsenal, Still Looking for a Win: Premier League Previews

With the table starting to take shape at this point, several sides are still in need of their first wins. In our third Premier League Preview, we take a look at the slow starters.
Will Magee

A Day Out with Soccer Player Turned Percussive Pop Star Georgia

First she was signed to London's QPR Girls, now she's signed to Domino.
Emma Garland

Matt Phillips Blasts Goal in From 45 Yards Out

Matt Phillips hit a laser beam from 40 yards out and buried it into the top corner of the net.
Sean Newell

Yaya Touré Smokes Little Kid In The Face With Off-Target Shot

Oh shit! Yaya Touré shot misses goal and hits a little kid in the crowd square in the face.
Sean Newell

Oscar Rips Absurd Goal Into Far-Post Corner

Oscar scores and beautiful and absurd goal to put Chelsea up 1-0 on QPR
Sean Newell

QPR Get Last-Minute Draw On Surgical Free Kick

Over the wall, under the bar.
Sean Newell