The Secret Government Program Behind the South African Quaalude

On the season premiere of 'Hamilton's Pharmacopeia' on VICELAND, Hamilton Morris travels to the last place where ludes still exist to investigate the drug's history.
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Bill Cosby Is Being Forced to Testify About an Alleged Sexual Encounter from 1974

On October 9, the once-beloved sweater-clad sitcom icon will speak about the time he allegedly took a 15-year-old girl to a Playboy Mansion party.
Briana Sylvester

A Bill Cosby Statue in Los Angeles Is Also Being Removed

A similar statue in Disney World was recently removed from public view.
Mike Pearl

Bill Cosby Admitted That He Bought Quaaludes to Give to Women He Wanted to Have Sex With

He testified about the drugs in a 2005 lawsuit.
Mike Pearl

Firewater and Pickled Fish Fuel the Danish Holidays

Danes do Christmas lunch with a certain panache and appetite for indulgence, and it is always catalyzed by that perilous pairing: pickled herring and 80-proof akvavit.
Lars Eriksen

South Africa's 'Dr. Death' Was Accused of Selling Ravers Super-Strength MDMA

Examining the facts around Dr. Wouter Basson, his top-secret biological weapons program, and the 98 percent pure ecstasy produced in his labs.
Karl Kemp

Now That It's Off the Market, Purple Drank Is the New Quaaludes

Despite not being all that great, sizzurp will go for exorbitant prices, and only the rich and well-connected will be able to get their hands on it. But is it so popular that Justin Bieber resort to sticking it in his butthole now that he can no longer...
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