quantum mechanics


Scientists Map the Geometry of a Single Electron for the First Time

The new research could be useful for the development of spin-based quantum computers.


This Game Teaches You How to Build a Quantum Computer

Learning about how quantum computers work doesn’t have to be boring.


Meet the Artist Animating the Kaleidoscopic Beauty of Quantum Physics

Markos Kay's new short film features CERN-approved subatomic visualizations.


The Expansion of the Universe Appears Faster Than We Thought

The results of a new study are close, but slightly faster than, the generally accepted rate.


Scientists Think the Speed of Light Has Slowed, and They're Trying to Prove It

A controversial theory that would overturn Einstein’s theory of general relativity could soon be tested.


A Kinetic Installation Is Materializing Parallel Universes

Installation artists visualize Boris Chimp 504 and Alma D’ Arame, visualize quantum theory in an kinetic interactive sculpture.


A Tiny Weasel Shut Down the Entire Hadron Collider

This is not the first time the LHC has been shut down at the hands of an animal kingdom dead set on keeping us from dipping into the infinite well of understanding.


'This Doesn't Have a Name': A Molecule of Water Can Exist in Six Places at Once, Researchers Find

Scientists at the US Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory have observed water in a quantum form, which is neither liquid, solid, or gas.


Light Waves Move in a Projection-Mapped Orchestral Performance

In ‘SIM/NEBULA,’ Antonín Dvořák's "The Symphony No. 9" gets updated for a cybernetic future.


Experiment Finds No Evidence the Universe Is a Hologram (But It Still Might Be)

One inconclusive experiment doesn't mean we're any closer to understanding the nature of space-time.


A Beginner’s Guide to Lukewarm Entanglement

Researchers demonstrate entanglement without having to resort to freezing temperatures and huge magnetic fields.


Physicists Realized an Infinite 'Hilbert Hotel' with Beams of Light

Infinity doesn't get much realer.