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350-Pound High School RB is the Absolutest of Units

Joshua Johnson of Calumet New Tech is 6'2" can also throw bombs downfield.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Cardale Jones Graduates from Ohio State, Honors Famous "We Ain't Come Here to Play School" Tweet

Seems like he eventually did come around to play school. Congrats, Cardale.
Liam Daniel Pierce
college football

Baker Mayfield Arrest Video Released

The footage depicts Mayfield getting brutally tackled, and hitting what appears to be a concrete barrier with his hips, shoulder and maybe head.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Sam Bradford to Sam Bradford For a Five Yard Gain

His reactions were strong, as he caught the ball and took it for a stroll up the sideline for a five-yard gain.
Liam Daniel Pierce

For the Cleveland Browns, RGIII Is Mr. Right Now

Signing RGIII was a good idea for the Browns. But they shouldn't pretend he is anything more than a stopgap solution at QB.
Rivers McCown
super bowl

Has Denver Done Enough to Remain the Best in the AFC West?

Denver has not done much in free agency to improve its team. Will that leave the door open for teams like Oakland and Kansas City?
Rivers McCown
elite things

Charm City Calmdown: How Baltimore's Passing Offense Hit Rock Bottom

Joe Flacco has not been playing like an elite quarterback this year. But it's not all his fault.
Rivers McCown
cut from the team

Tim Tebow Reported to Be Cut from The Eagles

The Eagles are losing their religion.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Trolling and Getting Trolled: The Life of the Other Tom Brady

There is Tom Brady the quarterback and Tom Brady the comedian. One is far more interesting than the other, if only for all the ESPN comments trolling.
B. David Zarley