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We spoke to the spandex gladiators about the past, present, and future of wrestling in Quebec.


Black Creatives Tell Us What Black History Month Means to Them in 2019

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This Guy Is Selling Quebec Cream Soda to American Rappers for $200 a Box

With his company Rare Drank, this "soft drink dealer" sells high-priced Quebec cream soda to lean dealers and American rappers.


Canada Passed Legislation Condemning 'Bird Box'

'Bird Box' used real footage of a recent deadly disaster in Quebec and refused to remove it. Now, Canadian Parliament is demanding they pay.


Earth's Magnetic Field Almost Collapsed 565 Million Years Ago

Our planet's core probably started solidifying in the late Ediacaran period, which recharged the magnetic field in the nick of time.


Provocateur Hubert Lenoir Burns Down His Past

Quebec’s rising glam star talks about rebirth, controversy, and shares the rebellious music video for "Tôn hotel," the highlight of his debut album 'Darlène.'


The Story of Canada’s Infamous Helicopter-Hijacking Bank Robber

Rory Shayne was born to do three things: rob banks, escape prison, and cause chaos wherever he went. He also tried to kill a judge with a gun he hid in his rectum.


Two Canadian Provinces Pull Vodka With Soviet Symbol from Shelves Due to Protests

Ukrainian-Canadian citizen groups consider the hammer and sickle symbol offensive.


Trump is feuding with more than half the leaders at the G-7

"Look forward to seeing them tomorrow.”


Far-Right Extremists Stormed the VICE Office in Montréal

The Canadian anti-immigration group Atalante tried to intimidate our journalists.


I Ate a Canadian Tasting Menu for Astronauts and It Was More Swanson Than ‘Jetsons’

The menu for astronaut David Saint-Jacques's mission into space included maple leaf cookies and a whole lot of fish.


Canada’s New National Alert System Failed Spectacularly During Its First Test

Alerts didn’t make it to mobile devices in Quebec and Ontario.