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Boris Johnson Lied to the Queen to Get Parliament Suspended, Court Rules

Now the case goes to the Supreme Court, and the entire Brexit process continues to go just swimmingly.
David Gilbert

So, What the Actual Hell Is Happening in Britain Right Now?

One-time fictional Prime Minister Hugh Grant, along with millions of other Brits, is very angry with real prime minister, Boris Johnson. Here's why.
Tim Hume
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5 Sure Signs London Loves Trump

They rolled out the unwelcome mat
Emma Ockerman
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Trump kept the 92-year-old Queen of England waiting onstage for 15 minutes

In perhaps the most aggressive British action against Trump yet, the Queen was seen twice checking her watch.
Alex Lubben

With Her Last Corgi Dead, Queen Elizabeth’s Rule Is Truly Ending

What the death of Willow, aged 14, really means.
Winnie Code
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Elizabeth Meets JFK and Jackie in the Season Two Trailer for 'The Crown'

Netflix's award-winning drama will return to the streaming service on December 8.
VICE Staff

Trudeau Is Looking for 'Iconic' Canadian Woman to Put on Money (No Offense, Queen Elizabeth)

In 2011, the only women from Canadian history to grace a bank note were replaced with an icebreaker. Now the Bank of Canada is turning to the public to help find a woman to feature on its money.
Natalie Alcoba

Britain Ignores China's Troubling Human Rights Record with Royal Welcome for Leader, Activists Say

VICE News spoke to Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong, who called on UK Prime Minister David Cameron to raise the issue of China's poor human rights record with President Xi Jinping.
Sally Hayden
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Outrage Is Spreading Over Australian Prime Minister Giving Knighthood to Prince Philip

Tony Abbott reinstated knighthoods without consulting his party colleagues, and didn't consult them about awarding the honor to Prince Philip. Now he faces open rebellion over his praise for the British Monarchy.
Max Rann

Buckingham Palace 'Emphatically' Denies Prince Andrew Had Sex with a Teenage 'Sex Slave'

Royal officials have issued uncharacteristically vigorous refutations of a woman's claims that she was forced to have sex with Prince Andrew while underage.
Katie Engelhart

The Queen Just Honored a Politician Who Believes Hurricane Katrina Was Caused by Gay People

In 2005 Maurice Mills said that Hurricane Katrina was God's revenge for an annual LGBT festival in New Orleans. Now he's been honored by the Queen for "services to local government."
Sally Hayden