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in conversation with tony fernandes

Tony Fernandes on Football Fandom and Attempting To Build The New QPR

Despite QPR’s up and down showings under his tenure, Tony Fernandes is one of the more popular owners in English football. We spoke to him about the mistakes of the past and his new vision for the club.
Will Magee
the urge to merge

When Two Remain Two: A Potted History of Failed Soccer Club Mergers

Plans to merge two football clubs are rarely popular and tend to founder, often in the face of overwhelming fan opposition. Here, we revisit some of the grand alliances that never came to pass.
Jim Weeks
queens park raisins

Louis van Gaal Was Impressed With The "Queens Park Raisins"

Louis van Gaal mangled his words when speaking about Queens Park Rangers in a post-game interview yesterday and called them Raisins.
Sean Newell

Everton Get Two Goals On Two Deflections

Everton lead QPR 3-0 on two deflections and other goalkeeping misfortune.
Sean Newell

Liverpool Stun QPR In Nutso Stoppage-Time Flurry

Liverpool beat QPR in bonkers stoppage time that saw three goals scored, the final one an own goal for QPR.
Sean Newell
A Small Minority of Idiots

Five Things We Learned from This Weekend's Soccer Matches

Chelsea is depressingly great, the Scottish league is surprisingly competitive, and a couple managers could stand to be fired.
Callum Hamilton

QPR Get Last-Minute Draw On Surgical Free Kick

Over the wall, under the bar.
Sean Newell