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It's About to Get Much Easier to Buy Medicinal Weed in Australia

Australia's federal health minister announced new measures aimed at bringing a surplus of the drug to the country in just eight weeks.
Katherine Gillespie

The Next Steps for Medical Marijuana in Australia

It could be a year until actual cannabis products are in the country's pharmacies.
Maddison Connaughton
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Everything You Need to Know About Sydney's Club Lockout Laws

A rally is being held in Sydney this weekend protesting the Australia's law that bar re-entry to clubs after 1.30am.
David Garber
Death of the Great Barrier Reef

The Australian Government Just Approved Dredging the Reef, Again

Despite new resolutions to curb climate change and save the reef, Australia has re-approved dredging of the coal port at Abbot Point.
Julian Morgans

Tears Flow Over the Suspicious Death of 12-Year-Old Tiahleigh Palmer

On Saturday, Queensland police announced that a decomposed body had been identified as Tiahleigh. Sunday night saw 400 people attend her vigil.
Julian Morgans

The Decision to Re-approve Australia's Biggest Coal Mine Just Gets Dumber

After being re-approved last week, Queensland's Carmichael Mine looks as environmentally fraught as before.
VICE Staff

Untangling Australia's Complicated Sex Laws at a Gold Coast Swingers Club

Welcome to the Chateau Vino where they don't sell alcohol, but do have 11 play rooms out back.
Mimi LaMontagne

The Coalition Committed $1.3 Billion to Addressing Domestic Violence

While the money is undoubtedly welcome, a wider cultural shift is needed to extinguish the crisis.
Wendy Syfret

We Spoke to a Guy Teaching the Queensland Police About Islamic Culture

With counter-terrorism operations producing a surprisingly low number of convictions, Queensland Police are learning the difference between what's suspicious and simply unfamiliar.
Edward Richards
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Backpackers in Australia Are Being Coerced Into Sex for Visa Signoffs

Some Queensland farmers are exploiting Australia's regional employment scheme to sleep with vulnerable workers.
Wendy Syfret
Locked out of Sydney

Why Queensland Shouldn't Copy and Paste Sydney's Lockout Laws

As the Sunshine State attempts to curb violence with a lockout policy, we look at how the plan has worked out in Sydney.
Max Rann

Here’s What UNESCO Should Have Told Australia

Australia will leave the World Heritage Committee Meeting today with a few lessons on the Great Barrier Reef. Only one should have been emphasized, and that's about mining.
Royce Kurmelovs