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Alia Shawkat on Making a Sexy Film That's Not About Sex

In this episode of 'In Bed With Diana Tourjée', actress Alia Shawkat talks to us about "Duck Butter," her new film in which two women decide to have sex with each other once an hour for 24 hours.
Broadly Staff
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Watch This Tender New Music Video About Queer Teens in a Futuristic Tokyo

Co-directed by Valentine Freeman and Azsa West for The Ruby Suns, the short film explores the ways we express our gender and sexuality online.
Sarah Burke

Where Was ‘Call Me by Your Name’ When I Was 17?

Of all the film's achievements, telling the story of a first queer love that isn't filled with shame or rejection may be its finest—and one I could have used during my own queer adolescence.
Naveen Kumar

How Queer Films Learned to Put Sex Front and Center

A new French film, 'Paris 05:59: Théo & Hugo,' kicks things off with 18 minutes of straight-up gay sex. It's part of a wave of new eroticism, and it's a more radical act than you might think.
Manuel Betancourt
The Film That Made Me...

'My Beautiful Laundrette' Taught Me I Deserve Love

I saw something I'd never seen before from the Western films of my youth: a gay man of color fall in love.
Reneysh Vittal

Lesbian Terrorists Use Porn as Propaganda in This Radical New Film

We talked to controversial queer filmmaker Bruce LaBruce about his new film, "The Misandrists," which mixes punk rock, political theory, and porn—and promises to piss pretty much everyone off.
Judy Berman

Watch: Todd Haynes Talks 'Carol,' David Bowie, and Making Movies About Women

We caught up with acclaimed filmmaker Todd Haynes to discuss his latest movie.
VICE Staff

We Talked to Filmmaker Desiree Akhavan About Putting More Bisexual Women on Our Screens

The Appropriate Behavior director thinks being bisexual is like having a superpower, and she's using hers to make astute comedy about the difference between the sexes.
Amelia Abraham

Meet the Gay Muslim Filmmaker Who Secretly Filmed His Pilgrimage to Mecca

Indian-born filmmaker and LGBT activist Parvez Sharma's new documentary A Sinner in Mecca is a rare glimpse at a gay man's journey to Saudi Arabia.
Rachel Segal Hamilton

The State of LGBT Film in 2015

This year, the Inside Out Toronto LGBT Film Festival has fewer coming-out stories and more "post-gay" movies—but queer cinema remains a vital, vibrant scene.
Regan Reid