queer politics


'Dragula' Is Loud, Weird, and Pisses on Heteronormativity

On the filthiest drag competition online, contestants chug blood and pummel one another in a thunderdome. And that, in a way, is the future of queer politics.


Who Gets to Identify as 'Femme'?

'Femme' has always referred to feminine queer people. What happens when it's used outside those communities?


It’s Time to Stop Labeling Our Sexuality

In the queer community, it's all too easy to box ourselves in with labels like "daddy" and "boy." But if we don't break those stereotypes down, we'll never move forward.


Dance Artist Niv Acosta Creates a Space of His Own

The performance Discotropic—premiering tonight, February 27, at the New Museum's Triennial—is the cosmic intersection of science fiction, classical dance, queer politics, and one fierce black headdress.