Question Of The Day


We Asked People About the Worst Thing We'd Find in Their Facebook Messages

"I planned parties, so like, alcohol-related stuff, drug stuff, and sex stuff."


The Most Disgusting Thing Your Roommate Has Ever Done

"I had a roommate who used to floss his toes with his socks."


We Asked People About the First Awkward Sex Scene They Watched With Their Parents

"I felt awkward and I thought my Mum would be too, but she just started explaining to me, 'They're going to go have sex. They're going to lose their virginity.'"


Let's Be Honest, Should We Just Ban All Kids from Restaurants?

We asked the good people of east London whether or not the idea of banning kids from your restaurant is legit.


How Much Money Would You Need to Be Paid to Have Your Garden Fracked?

It's official: the UK is following in America's footsteps and doing the whole fracking thing. But just how big a check would people take to let the deep drilling happen in their neighborhood? We asked some folks about it.


We Asked People If Naming a Bar 'The Plantation' Is Really That Bad

"Maybe the person who was doing the whole name thing didn't really think about it properly and should have thought about it more."


We Asked People if Sexting Really Counts as Cheating

What you can and can't send to Becky with the good hair.


We Asked Kids Raging at Spring Break if They Think College Is Too PC

"People overreact to a lot of things they shouldn't."


We Asked Random People for Unqualified Predictions About 2016

Maybe humanity will get its shit together, maybe it won't, maybe this rock we call home will keep spinning for billions of years and this year, like all other, will be essentially meaningless.


Do Australians Know the Difference Between Migrants and Refugees?

We asked around Melbourne to find out.


Do Greeks and Germans Actually Hate Each Other?

The economic relationship between the two countries has been strained in recent years, so we asked young people in Berlin and Athens for their perspective.


What Will You Do with the One Extra Second in 2015?

The Paris Observatory say they're adding a leap second to clocks this summer to catch up with atomic time. We asked some people in London what they'll do with their extra second.