college world series

Which Of These College World Series Names Are Real?

A quiz for connoisseurs of College Baseball Names, people that forgot the College World Series was a thing, and everyone else.
David Roth

Are These MLB Draft Names Real Or Fake?

TEST YOUR MIGHT. Or, anyway, look at these beautiful baseball prospect names and see if you can tell which ones belong to real people.
David Roth
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How Unusual Are Your Sexual Fantasies? Take This Quiz to Find Out

You may not be as freaky as you think.
Tonic Editors
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Can You Guess Which of These Sloan Sports Analytics Events Are Real? A Quiz

The Sloan Sports Analytics Conference at MIT is where sports' scientific and statistical elite get together and nerd out. It's also the basis for your challenge here.
David Roth
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Real College Lacrosse Name Or Fake College Lacrosse Name: The Quiz

Elaborately posh college lacrosse names inspire us, now more than ever. So we made up 11 and pulled 11 real ones, and challenge you to guess which is which.
David Roth
mlb draft

Can You Guess Which MLB Draft Names We Made Up? An Important Quiz

Baseball is a game that abhors expression in every way. The one exception are the florid, goofy, aspirational names that players have. This quiz is about that.
David Roth
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Are These Ska Bands or Improv Troupes?

One blog would like to quiz you.
Dan Ozzi
Quiz Mania!

QUIZ: Which Bands Playing CMJ Are Real and Which Are Fake?

How well do you know your buzz bands?
Dan Ozzi
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QUIZ: Wu-Tang Fan or Weezer Fan?

Take our quiz to see which act these fans are throwing up dubyas for.
Dan Ozzi
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QUIZ: Can You Name These Songs?

If you like listening to music, you're going to be great at this quiz!
Noisey Staff
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QUIZ: How Weird Are You?

You know what's really weird? This quiz.
Noisey Staff
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QUIZ: How Great Is America?

There's nothing more American than music. Except for maybe this quiz.
Noisey Staff