My Family Always 'Passed' as White, Until We Didn't

Each of my siblings' names, skin, hair, and religious observances earned us different levels of privilege.
Mike Miksche

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Obama warns against "crude" nationalism across the world, an advisor claims the Trump team is considering a Muslim registry, "post-truth" is chosen as word of the year by Oxford, and more.
VICE Staff
The Sick Day Issue

A Gift From Guantanamo Bay

'VICE' correspondent Gianna Toboni tells us about the Qur'an she was given by a former Guantanamo Bay guard.
Gianna Toboni

Prayers and Protests at Australia's Most Controversial Mosque

Parramatta Mosque, where 15-year-old Farhad Jabar prayed before shooting a police employee, has become the site of the latest conflict between anti-Muslim activists and their opponents.
Jed Smith

Calling Bullshit on the Internet's Islamophobic Memes

Words aren't necessarily true just because they're superimposed over an image.
Mike Pearl

We Met Some Muslim Australians Who Have Memorised the Entire Qur'an

Dropping by Bankstown for Australia's inaugural International Quranic Competition
Kristen Daly

Life as a Gay Imam Isn't as Bad as It Sounds

I spoke to three of them, all on a mission to end the marginalization inflicted on LGBT Muslims throughout the world because of their sexuality.
Tofik Dibi

Editing Homophobia out of the “Islamic Tradition”

Slave rape, marital rape, and plural marriage might be unpleasant to consider as part of Islamic sexuality, but they are deeply embedded in our established sources. But I do not believe that Islamic tradition is frozen in stone. Every translation is an...
Michael Muhammad Knight
Popping the Marks

Islamophobes, Go to Sleep

When I agreed to write a column for VICE, I was granted this space, and I am responsible for what happens in this space. Today, I’m going to use this space to rub your racist and bigoted shit in your own faces.
Michael Muhammad Knight
Popping the Marks

Queering the Qur’an

Al-Kisa’i al-Kufi is the man who gave us one of the seven canonical readings of the Qur’an in Sunni Islam. He devoted his life to knowing and teaching the Qur’an. Along the way, he apparently fucked dudes. The lips that he used to recite divine...
Michael Muhammad Knight