r. luke dubois


Voting Machines Get Hacked into Interactive Sculptures

In ‘The Choice is Yours’, artist R. Luke Dubois' audiovisual wonders offer a mental reset on the way we vote.


Public Art by Björk, JR, and Yoko Ono Comes to Moscow

Times Square Arts ships its greatest hits from the Big Apple to Russia.


Luke DuBois Made a Whirlwind Video Portrait from 90 Days of Selfies

The artist will be talking about his residency at Times Square Arts.


Little Sister's Watching, Too: Surveillance Art and the Ethics of Looking

The show features 14 works from artists, like Trevor Paglen and James Bridle, that explore the intersections of surveillance agencies and operations with civic rights and privacy.


[Video] ReForm | Data Becomes Art in Immersive Visualizations

In ReForm, a new franchise from The Creators Project, we meet the artists creating and re-appropriating the latest technologies in various areas of creative expression.  Big data and art are converging in electrifying ways. In this...


Better Living Through Technology: Dispatches from the Connect Ability Hackathon

Inside a weekend of hacking, stenography, and making world-changing technologies for people with disabilities.


Sound Architect Bora Yoon Composes Multisensory Concertos

Equal parts artist, musician, and wearable sound pioneer, we spoke to the woman behind the immensely powerful new album "SUNKEN CATHEDRAL."


R. Luke Dubois, Data Artist Behind Britney Spears Photo Collages, Gets New Exhibition

He might be described as a "data-miner" but he's really a data architect.