This Grandma Seems Pretty Chill About Strangling a Bobcat with Her Bare Hands

"It was either me or the cat, and it was going to be the cat that day."


A Bloodthirsty Squirrel Is Terrorizing a Brooklyn Park

An "unusually aggressive," potentially rabid squirrel has been tied to a string of attacks in Prospect Park.


Runner Attacked by Rabid Raccoon Drowns It in a Puddle

Plot twist: She's a vegetarian.


There's a Rabies Vaccine But 59,000 People Still Die From It Every Year

The WHO wants the world to double down on fighting rabies, and finally end the disease.


Thousands of Dogs Will Be Eaten in China to Celebrate the Summer Solstice

The annual Yulin dog meat festival attracts thousands of tourists and locals looking to dine on dogs, but activists have called for an end to the controversial event.


Australia Issues Death Threat to Johnny Depp's Dogs

The actor's Yorkshire Terriers Pistol and Boo pose a biosecurity risk to Australia after being "snuck in" on a private jet, says the government. They have 50 hours to get out or face the chop.


The Australian Government Wants to Kill Johnny Depp’s Dogs

The actor's pets could be destroyed after they were brought into the country without being declared to quarantine.


Rabies Returns to France After a Decade of Eradication

An ominous reappearance of Earth's most deadly infectious disease.


The Quest to Beat Rabies at Its Own Neuro-Destructive Game

If the virus can exploit the nervous system's transport system, perhaps doctors can too.


China Slaughters Nearly 5,000 Dogs in One City to Curb Rabies

Government officials in the city of Baoshan culled 4,900 dogs and vaccinated 100,000 more after five humans died from the disease in recent months.


Welcome To the United Skunks of America

Our black and white friends are multiplying like crazy, and helping spread rabies.


Southeast Asia Wants to Ban the Dog Meat Trade Because of Rabies

Illegal dog trafficking rings are spreading rabies in Southeast Asia. Four governments have united to stop the trade from continuing.