Race relations


LeVar Burton Has a Message for Nonreaders Like Donald Trump

We talked to the famed 'Star Trek' actor about his past, present, and future.
Noel Ransome

A Provocateur Painter Subverts Race in Rainbow Hues

A 10-year survey of Nina Chanel Abney's work explores themes of sex, race, and the internet.
Laura Hutson Hunter

Take a Tour of Nick Cave’s Colossal Playground of an Art Installation

The visual artist scoured the internet and second hand stores to gather materials for the titanic artwork, 'Until.'
Nathaniel Ainley

I Am Young and Black and I Don't Want to Die

How can you feel safe when black death is everywhere you look and tools like guns only seem to make you more of a target?
Wilbert L. Cooper
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Texas Lieutenant Governor Says Dallas Protestors Were 'Hypocrites' for Running from Bullets

Dan Patrick blamed the Black Lives Matter movement and protestors for putting police officers' lives at risk in an interview with Fox News.
VICE Staff

Why Did a Bomb Explode Outside an NAACP Office in Colorado?

On Tuesday morning, volunteers working at the Colorado Springs chapter of the NAACP heard a loud explosion outside the building that they said was powerful enough to knock items off the wall.
Josiah Hesse

Live Blog: The World Reacts to the Ferguson Decision

We'll be keeping you updated as the town of Ferguson and the nation at large respond to the news that the cop who shot unarmed black teen Michael Brown this summer was not indicted.
Matt Taylor

We Met Some Muslim Australians Who Have Memorised the Entire Qur'an

Dropping by Bankstown for Australia's inaugural International Quranic Competition
Kristen Daly

We Talked to the Director of 'Dear White People' About Race, Identity, and Black Cinema

After launching scores of think pieces this summer, <i>Dear White People</i> is actually in theaters and it's one of the most thoughtful films about race in a long time. Writer/director Justin Simien chatted with us about his thoughts on a third way in...
Dave Schilling

We Met the World's Leading Authority on Bootleg Bart Simpson T-Shirts

A UK man is creating an online archive with all the best unauthorized Bart shirts. His collection includes Bart smoking weed, Bart hanging out with LL Cool J, and Bart fighting in the Gulf War.
Dave Schilling

The Black Undercover Cop Who Infiltrated the Ku Klux Klan in Colorado

"They were all assholes," he told me.
Matt Taylor