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Oh Great, Rachel Dolezal Is Selling Wrapping Paper With Her Face on It

Among other items, also featuring her face.
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Rachel Dolezal

Rachel Dolezal could go to jail for 15 years for welfare fraud and perjury

Washington state began investigating Dolezal when an official learned she’d written a book about her experiences.
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The Rachel Dolezal Documentary Is a Hollow, Manipulative Spectacle

'The Rachel Divide' paints a sympathetic picture of Dolezal without responsibly engaging with the realities of race in America. It's very clear that this film is not for Black women such as myself.
Zoé Samudzi
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Rachel Dolezal's Son Speaks Out About His Mom in a New Netflix Doc

'The Rachel Divide' will center on Dolezal's controversy and the people in her life who got dragged into it.
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Rachel Dolezal wants to tell her side of the story

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The VICE Morning Bulletin

Donald Trump calls for all Muslims to be banned from entering the US, Beijing goes into shutdown after pollution red alerts, Eagles of Death Metal return to play a gig in Paris, and more.
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In Rachel Dolezal's Skin

In an exclusive interview, Rachel Dolezal discusses growing up on a Christian homestead, painting her face different colors as a child, and why she’s naming her new baby after Langston Hughes.
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Rachel Dolezal's Birth Chart Predicted She Would Be Outed as Biologically White

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At Home with Rachel Dolezal

If any woman defined 2015, it's Rachel Dolezal. Since her parents outed her as biologically Caucasian in June, Rachel has been the center of debates about race, Black Lives Matter, trans women, public shaming, and identity politics.
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White Male Poet Uses Chinese Pseudonym, Becomes Rachel Dolezal of Literature

When Michael Derrick Hudson submitted a poem under the name Yi-Fen Chou, he got it published, and the literary world was rightly enraged.
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Rachel Dolezal Works in a Salon Doing Weaves and Braiding Hair Now

She has begun taking appointments for braids and weaves after Eastern Washington University refused to renew her contract following the scandal, according to a new interview in 'Vanity Fair.'
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What I Learned About Style…

What I Learned About Style from Michael Jackson’s “Black or White”

Given that Rachel Dolezal threw American pigmentocracy through a loop we thought it timely to assess this gem from the vault. Sup MJ!
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