Racial Discrimination Act


Charged with Racial Discrimination, Canada’s Government Fought Dirty and Lost

Ahead of a Vancouver film festival premiere, 'We Can't Make the Same Mistake Twice' hero Cindy Blackstock recaps the (ongoing) civil rights battle that almost didn't happen.


There's a Push to Repeal Australia's Anti-Racism Law After the 'Charlie Hebdo' Attack

An Australian senator is campaigning to review a law that prohibits racist language after the Paris terror attacks. And the country's human rights commissioner has now joined the debate.


Is New York's Stop-and-Frisk Era Ending?

We talked to the documentarian behind a new film about the national embarrassment that is the NYPD's routine hassling of young black and Hispanic men.


​New York City’s Biggest Marijuana Problem Is the Police

For decades, NYPD have been busting people for small amounts of weed not because of any state law, but because they were rewarded every time they made an arrest.


How Abbott Failing To Repeal 18C Affects You (Presuming You're Andrew Bolt)

It's a blow to free speech, in the same way not being able to shout “fire” in a crowded theatre also impinges on our ability to say whatever we want.


New Australian Anti-Terror Laws Could See the Mandatory Recording of Your Private Data

The government wants to expand Australia’s anti-terrorism laws due to the internal security threat posed by Australian jihadists returning from oversea. Civil liberty advocates disagree with that.


Why Do Non-White Immigrants Face So Much Racism in South Korea?

Employers in the country are often casually, and openly, prejudiced.


Tim Wilson Is Trying To Give You a Freedom You Don’t Want Or Need

Not sure why but Australia's Human Rights Commissioner is fighting for the n-word


Question of the Day: Do People Have the Right to be Bigots?

This week Attorney-General George Brandis said people have the right to be bigots. We asked people on the street if they agree.