How Four West London Men Became the ISIS 'Beatles'

The story of the four British men infamous for torturing and beheading prisoners in Syria.
Adam Forrest

How a British College Student Became an ISIS Matchmaker

The story of Tooba Gondal's transformation into Umm Muthanna al-Britannia, in her own words.
Simon Cottee

Can Extremist-Only Prison Units Prevent Radicalization?

Last month, it was revealed that the UK's most dangerous convicted extremists will be kept in special high-security units in order to prevent them from spreading their ideologies to other inmates.
Nick Chester
Inside Outsider

Why Does Radical Islam Appeal to So Many Young Men?

After the San Bernardino shootings and the tragic terrorist attacks in Paris, I asked some of my friends, who have dabbled in extremism, what the draw is for so many young muslims.
Mahmood Fazal

Tracking the Online Life of a Female ISIS Recruiter from the UK

Umm Muthanna al-Britannia has documented her defection to the "Islamic State" on social media. From ISIS controlled territory in Syria, she recently tweeted, "I came here to die. I will not leave till I get what I came here for..."
Simon Cottee
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Australia's Proposed New Counter-Terror Laws Will Target Teenagers

If passed, the laws will lower the age that control orders can be applied and extend the period police can hold a terror suspect without charge.
Wendy Syfret
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What the Deaths of Khaled Sharrouf and Mohamed Elomar Mean for Australia's Terror Generation

Australia's most notorious ISIL fighters were killed in Syria, but the war for young Muslims is far from over.
Mahmood Fazal

Watching What's Happened to My Family in Iraq Helped Me Understand Radicalized Western Muslims

It's impossible not to feel some anger when you hear about American soldiers holding guns to your grandma's head.
Sophia Rahman

Meet the Former Drug-Dealing Gangster Turning Kids Away from Extremism

Tanayah Sam was about to be convicted for armed robbery before skipping bail and heading to Yemen to study Islam—a decision that saved his life.
Ryan Fletcher

How Is New Zealand Doing in the Terror Stakes?

Last year, New Zealand's terror alert was upgraded from very low, all the way up to low. We spoke to an security expert from Massey University about what that means.
Tim Jesudason

What Is Happening to Former Jihadists When They Return to Britain?

​The mother of a returned British jihadist who fought for the Islamic State warns that other former jihadists in Britain are "walking time bombs" because of the lack of government support.
Ryan Fletcher

War and Belonging: A Look at Australia's IS Jihadists

More and more western-born men are sacrificing their homes in order to fight in the Middle Eastern conflict. Is brainwashing to blame?
Mitch Parker