Raf Simons

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At Raf Simons: What Does New York Fashion Stand For?

At Tuesday's Raf Simons show, New York showed why it's besotted with the designer tasked with saving American sportswear.
Rachel Tashjian
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Skip School with The xx's New Video for "I Dare You"

The band teamed up with some familiar names and faces for the vibrant clip.
Lauren O'Neill

Tracing Raf Simons's Influence on Modern Menswear

We took a look at the recent collections from New York Fashion Week: Men's to highlight the Belgian designer's ever-present impact on style.
Mikelle Street

Blimey! This Exhibit on England's Influence on Culture ISN'T About London

'North: Identity, Photography, Fashion' hones in on the influences of post-industrial factory towns and cities like Leeds, Liverpool, and Manchester on fashion, music, and art.
Antwaun Sargent

Raf Simons Is the Future of American Fashion

Raf Simons's appointment to chief creative director of Calvin Klein not only brings a new degree of cachet and international appeal to the American brand, it has the possibility of reinvigorating New York City's place in the global fashion paradigm.
Jian DeLeon

Obsess Over Boy Culture at a New Fashion Exhibit in London

'Mad About The Boy,' at Fashion Space Gallery at the London College of Fashion, examines representations of masculinity on the runway.
Antwaun Sargent

Is There a Recipe for Tumblr Success? We Ask Internet Sensation FashGIF

"Sometimes you want a GIF to look really fake because that’s where the humor lies, but if you doctor it too much people are just like, 'This has gone too far.'"
Ingrid Kesa

How the Hoodie Became a Racially Charged Garment

In light of the shootings of Trayvon Martin and Tamir Rice, the hoodie has become a garment of ill-omen that is tangled up in America's ongoing conversation about race, socioeconomics, and violence against black bodies.
Jeremy Lewis

Can Fashion Embrace Disgraced Hitler-Loving Designer John Galliano Again?

His fall from grace was one of the most dramatic declines the fashion world has seen since Coco Chanel's outing as a Nazi collaborator. Now that he's been appointed to helm Maison Martin Margiela, everyone is wondering if he can make a real comeback.
Jeremy Lewis

Viral Style: Space Capes, Space Sandals, And Sci-Fi Fashion Shoots

Viral Style 54 brings you fashion that's literally out of this world.
Charlotte McManus

We Watched Richie Hawtin Woo Rich People at the Guggenheim

Welcome to the most tightly-buttocked rave of the century.
VICE Thump