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This Fugitive Allegedly Faked His Own Death to Chill in a $3.4 Million Castle

A clear lesson in what not to do after faking your own death.
Drew Schwartz

EXCLUSIVE: ICE arrested over 100 undocumented immigrants without criminal convictions in that big Oakland raid

Of the 233 people arrested between Feb. 25 and 28, 111 had no criminal convictions.
David Noriega
The VICE Guide to Right Now

This Mom Allegedly Let Her 15-Year-Old Run an Illegal Pot Shop from Her Bedroom

She might have taken the "cool mom" thing a little too far.
Drew Schwartz
regency hotel

FBI raid of Trump lawyer Michael Cohen's room is just one of many scandals at the Regency Hotel

Paparazzi often hang out at the Regency to troll for scandals, of which there have been many through the years.
Gabrielle Bluestone
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Whoever Disguised This Gambling Den as a Zumba Studio Should've Tried Harder

Slapping "ZUM BA DANC" in hot pink letters on a strip mall door wasn't enough to keep the cops from raiding the place.
Drew Schwartz
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We've Reached the FBI Raid Stage of the Russia Probe

The feds stormed Paul Manafort's home late last month, adding even more indication that the Russia investigation is just heating up.
Drew Schwartz

How ‘Destiny 2’ Could Encourage More Players to See Its Best Moments

The only reason I experienced a raid was because a group took pity on me, and became my very own Sherpa in 'Destiny.'
Patrick Klepek
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Pentagon Posted a Video from 2007 to Prove the Raid in Yemen Was Successful

The military took it down a few hours later after realizing the mistake, saying it had not been properly analyzed.
Brian Moylan

Ethiopia Is Carrying Out a Cross-Border Raid to Rescue 108 Abducted Children

Ethiopian media is reporting the military has located the scores of children abducted by South Sudanese gunmen during a cross-border cattle raid last week, and is in the process of rescuing them.

French Special Forces Stage Mock Terror Attack So They Can Learn to Get Along

France's interior minister has told representatives from the country's three elite police units to bury the hatchet to better tackle the threat of terror attacks.
Pierre-Louis Caron

Ethiopian Death Toll Rises After Gunmen Abduct 100 Children and 2,000 Livestock

The attack took place on Friday with authorities saying gunmen from South Sudan attacked the area leaving more than 200 dead in the Horn of Africa nation's Gambela region.
Reuters and VICE News

Before a Protest Turned Ugly, There Was a Vigil in Montreal for a Teen Killed by Cops

VICE was with the crowd Wednesday night that had gathered to decry the death of Jean-Pierre Bony, a 46-year-old Haitian-born Montrealer who passed away this week after being hit in the head by a rubber bullet during a drug raid.
Brigitte Noël