The ICE Raids in Mississippi Have Made Life Nearly Impossible for Families: "I'm Afraid to Leave My House"

For the roughly 680 arrested last week at seven chicken plants across central Mississippi, the trouble is just beginning.


Trump Is Trying to Use Those ICE Raids to Squeeze DHS Funding Out Of Democrats

President Donald Trump has called off an immigration raid targeting at least 2,000 asylum-seeking families — for now.


Inside the Shady World of a Canadian Illegal Weed Dispensary Chain

Arrests, moldy weed, Hells Angels, and fat stacks of cash. How one national chain is allegedly exploiting its young workers.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

Almost 500 arrested in immigration raids, Trump defends Puerto Rico response (again), ISIS leaks recording of supposedly dead leader, and more.


'Raid Alerts' Wants to Warn Undocumented Immigrants With an App

A project that started under Obama gained new life under President Trump.


Immigration Raids Hit Major Cities Throughout the US

A series of raids were conducted across at least six states this week.


Are London's Brothel Raids Really About Saving Sex Workers?

Last week, police stormed six massage parlors looking for victims, so they could "take them to safety." Often, this meant arresting women and putting them in detention centers.


Deportation Raids Aren't Deterring Central American Families From Coming to the US

The US government's emphasis on detention and deportation to deter undocumented immigrants is failing: the number of families entering the country illegally has been increasing.


The Los Angeles Unified School District Has Banned Immigration Raids on Its Campuses

The school district's board unanimously voted to adopt a resolution declaring that it would not allow US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents on school property for the purposes of identifying undocumented immigrants.


An Indonesian City Wants a Curfew, but Only for Teenage Girls

In a quest for morality, Banda Aceh is discussing night curfews for girls to prevent "bad behavior."


The Irreparable Loss of Cairo's Street Café District

In the last four years, the Cairo café district known as el-Borsa has been raided by the police for its role in fostering a revolution, as well as its reputation for attracting drug dealers, sex workers, and gay men. In March, it was shut down for good.