This Bird Went Extinct and Then Evolved Into Existence Again

"We know of no other example in rails, or of birds in general, that demonstrates this phenomenon so evidently.”
Becky Ferreira
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Sexy Photos Seemingly Got a Canadian Train Conductor Fired (Again)

In 2014, a woman was wrongfully fired after filing a sexual harassment complaint.
Mack Lamoureux

The Canadian Government is Blowing Up Bomb Trains for Practice

Years after the Lac-Mégantic? disaster, the Canadian government is only just beginning to do the hard work of making sure that rail transportation of oil is safe.
Hilary Beaumont
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China Wants in on High-Speed Rails in the US, Starting with Los Angeles

A private company and a consortium of Chinese rail firms are planning a 185 mile track connecting greater Los Angeles to Vegas.
Clinton Nguyen

A Recent History of the American War on Passenger Rail Transportation

From Colorado to New Jersey to Baltimore, seven urgently-needed transit projects killed or maimed by Republican governors.
Michael Byrne

The 'DIY Spacecraft' Designed to Explore Mexico's Abandoned Rail Lines

It looks like a bit like something out of 'The Road Warrior', only far sleeker and with no makeshift gun turrets.
Brian Anderson

A Descent Into New York's Remarkable Second Avenue Subway

First proposed in 1929 and again in 1951, but persistently hobbled by money woes and community opposition, the $4.5 billion Second Avenue Subway is now over half complete.
The Imposters Issue

In Search of Great Men

Using 15-day Amtrak USA Rail Passes, I crossed our country to photograph my fellow passengers, asking them where they came from and where they were heading: an 18-year-old facing felony mescaline charges, a woman returning to Madison for her ex...
McNair Evans
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The Deadly Math of Chinese Infrastructure, as Seen at 186 MPH

Fifty-four people in government and industry were blamed (the railway minister first among them) and new rules were implemented, but journalists in China are still on orders, a year on, not to discuss the crash.
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China's New Train Will Do 217 Miles an Hour

On a trial run in northeastern China, the new Harbin-Dalian high-speed train flew through mountainous provinces at peak speeds of 300km/h, or 186mph. It made the 921 km trip from Harbin to Dalian in only four hours, a distance that’s roughly equivalent...
Derek Mead
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Ones and Zeros: Time Travel is Not Possible

_This should help put some perspective on how big the new Arizona Solar Tower "really is.":http://mendocoastcurrent.files.wordpress.com/2009/07/solartowersize.jpg_ h3. One: "Michael Graham Richard has big engineering plans for Arizona's Solar Tower...
Ones Zeros
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We Should All Be This Excited About High Speed Rail

High speed rail is a beautiful thing &#8212; it&#8217;s low emissions, efficient, social, comfortable, and, of course, fast. It has my vote (hands down) for the most viable sustainable transportation solution for the <a href="http://utopianist.com/201...
Brian Merchant