• A Descent Into New York's Remarkable Second Avenue Subway

    First proposed in 1929 and again in 1951, but persistently hobbled by money woes and community opposition, the $4.5 billion Second Avenue Subway is now over half complete.

  • In Search of Great Men

    Using 15-day Amtrak USA Rail Passes, I crossed our country to photograph my fellow passengers, asking them where they came from and where they were heading: an 18-year-old facing felony mescaline charges, a woman returning to Madison for her ex...

  • The Deadly Math of Chinese Infrastructure, as Seen at 186 MPH

    Fifty-four people in government and industry were blamed (the railway minister first among them) and new rules were implemented, but journalists in China are still on orders, a year on, not to discuss the crash.

  • China's New Train Will Do 217 Miles an Hour

    On a trial run in northeastern China, the new Harbin-Dalian high-speed train flew through mountainous provinces at peak speeds of 300km/h, or 186mph. It made the 921 km trip from Harbin to Dalian in only four hours, a distance that’s roughly equivalent...

  • Ones and Zeros: Time Travel is Not Possible

    _This should help put some perspective on how big the new Arizona Solar Tower "really is.":http://mendocoastcurrent.files.wordpress.com/2009/07/solartowersize.jpg_ h3. One: "Michael Graham Richard has big engineering plans for Arizona's Solar Tower...

  • We Should All Be This Excited About High Speed Rail

    High speed rail is a beautiful thing &#8212; it&#8217;s low emissions, efficient, social, comfortable, and, of course, fast. It has my vote (hands down) for the most viable sustainable transportation solution for the <a href="http://utopianist.com/201...