Rainforest Alliance


Protecting the World's Forests Still Matters Even If You Live in a City

You may think tropical forests have little to do with your urban life, but you probably use a rainforest product everyday. This year's International Day of Forests is all about protecting these important natural resources no matter where you live.
Brittany Wienke

New App Aims to Save the Rainforest Without Leaving Local Farmers Behind

The new tech empowers local farmers to take care of their communities and save the rainforest byproducts you use on a daily basis.
Aaron Barksdale

How to Be a Sustainable Vacationer

Go to far flung locales while still being environmentally friendly.
Yessenia Soto

Forests, Not Coal, Are Where the Jobs Are

The Appalachians are home to some of the world’s most vibrant forests and sustainable use opportunities.
Andrew Goldberg

Conservation and Conservatism on America's Farms

"Farmers who employ sustainable practices on their farm are saving money and reducing their impacts on climate change, which benefits literally everyone, everywhere."
Brittany Wienke
Impact Climate

Can Virtual Reality Help Us Tackle Climate Change?

From building empathy to driving action, filmmakers and advocacy groups are using cutting edge technology to try to inspire viewers to save the Earth.
Alice Rowsome

Time Is Running Out: The Twin Perils of Deforestation and Climate Change

After the People's Climate March, it's more important than ever that concerned citizens make their voices heard about the complex relationship between rainforests and climate change.
Nigel Sizer

Forests Can Resist Climate Change, So Humans Should Too

What, exactly, is the relationship between deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions? The Rainforest Alliance breaks down the science for you—and outlines an innovative approach to keep forests standing.
Laura Jamison
palm oil

Boycotting Palm Oil Won't Do Any Good

The pitfalls of the palm oil industry are devastating, but experts say that boycotting the use of such a ubiquitous ingredient won't do any good—only a halt to deforestation, along with a widespread consumer fight for higher sustainable standards will.
Helen Nianias