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This Seriously Delicious Homemade Granola Recipe Isn't Just for Hippies

With almonds, golden raisins, dates, pecans, seeds, and plenty of spices, we promise that this is the best granola you've ever tasted.
Munchies Staff
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Don't Forget About Life's Simple Pleasures, Like These Perfect Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Throw on some Debussy and curl up with these bad boys, and you just might achieve a sweet, well-earned moment of zen.
Munchies Staff

Baked Apples with Mincemeat Recipe

Because apples were meant for stuffing and baking.
Fergus Henderson

Nestlé Is Being Sued for Putting Too Much 'Empty Space' in Raisinets Boxes

As this lawsuit rages on, we may be forced to confront the terrifying possibility that we're getting ripped off at movie concession stands.
Nick Rose

How One of the World's Hottest Cities Became a Hub for Grape Growing

Surrounded by mostly barren desert, the Chinese city of Turpan looks like a Mad Max wasteland, where temperatures regularly climb above 110 degrees.
Clarissa Wei

These Mince Pies Might Get You Drunk

The Mince Dodger might sound modern (it’s a take on the Jammie Dodger biscuit, of course) but it actually comes from an 1800s recipe. It also involves a lot of brandy.
Gareth May

A 'Raisin Test' Can Determine a Child's Entire Academic Future

The lowly raisin may finally be having its glorious day in the gilded sun. Intrepid researchers from the University of Warwick have discovered that by using only a raisin and a cup, they can glean how a toddler will function academically at the age of...
Alex Swerdloff
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The Supreme Court Thinks Raisins Deserve To Be Free, Like You and Me

Big news from SCOTUS today: Thanks to a lawsuit brought by a couple of raisin farmers against the Department of Agriculture, the highest court in the US has deemed that raisins are "a healthy snack" and "not oysters."
Alex Swerdloff