Ramarley Graham


Five Years After the NYPD Killed Ramarley Graham, His Mom Waits for Justice

The trial and internal police review process have dragged on for years, and the officers involved in the killing of the unarmed teen still haven't been fired.
Gabby Bess
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US Prosecutors Didn't Charge Police Officers in 96 Percent of Alleged Civil Rights Violations in the Past 20 Years

An investigation by the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review went through three million records from the US Department of Justice, and found that prosecutors did not pursue 12,703 potential civil rights violations out of 13,233 cases.
Tess Owen
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It's Been Four Years Since the NYPD Shot an Unarmed Teen in His Own Home — And the Call for Justice Just Got Louder

On the fourth anniversary of the police shooting of Ramarley Graham in the Bronx, protesters and the teen’s family called for federal prosecutors to convene a grand jury in the case.
Jay Cassano

Autopsy Contradicts the Police's Account of Victor White III's Shooting in the Back of a Cop Car

The autopsy report offers some insight into what happened to the 22-year-old, but mostly serves to inspire a bunch of new indignant questions about how the police could claim he shot himself in the backseat of a cop car.
Wilbert L. Cooper
Opinion and Analysis

The Fight for Justice is a Fight Against the NYPD

Mothers of young men killed by cops demand reform. We must realize that this is not a campaign but a fight to be fought.
Natasha Lennard

Why Did Police Arrest This Man in Front of His Kids at Eric Garner’s Funeral?

The NYPD could have arrested Calvin Bryant any time—but they chose to do so at Eric Garner's funeral, after his death was ruled a homicide.
Nick Pinto

Why Did Police Arrest This Man In Front of His Kids at Eric Garner's Funeral?

NYC resident Eric Garner's death via police chokehold has been officially ruled a homicide. So why did cops arrest another man outside his funeral even though he wasn't doing anything illegal at the time?
Nick Pinto
Opinion and Analysis

If Filming Cops is ‘Interference,’ It’s the Least We Can Do

NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton offers a vile defense of officers caught on camera brutalizing and killing civilians.
Natasha Lennard

Eric Garner and the Plague of Police Brutality Against Black Men

Eric Garner died in the street on Thursday after as many as four New York police officers choked him and slammed his head.
Wilbert L. Cooper
Opinion and Analysis

The Right to Film Cops Is Important, but It's No Justice

A federal court rules that cops can't arrest you for filming them. But this doesn't end impunity or brutality.
Natasha Lennard