A Researcher Got Paid $300,000 to Resign After He Said Shooting Wolves Is Bad

Robert Wielgus, director of the Carnivore Conservation Lab, received a settlement from the school after he sued for infringing on his academic freedom.


The ‘Path of the Jaguar’ Aims to Secure this Big Cat’s Enormous Range

Jaguars are increasingly isolated due to habitat fragmentation. Environmentalists, scientists, and locals are working to secure their free passage across over a dozen countries.


Washington State Is Killing a Pack of Endangered Wolves to Keep Ranchers Happy

The pack of nine wolves represents about 10 percent of all the wolves in the state.


The Internet of Cows Is Real

Cloud computing meets animal husbandry.


The Oregon Militia's Sworn #BLM Enemy Is Really a Handout to Ranchers

A federal agency created at the behest of the ranching industry still has its back.


Oregon Militia Wants to 'Free' Occupied Land for Logging, But There Are No Trees

A brief lesson in biting the hand that feeds you.


Cows Are the Next Great Threat to Tanzania's Endangered Species

The country's cattle population has grown steadily over the past decade, and its newly elected president has promised to subsidize ranchers.


If You're in Wyoming, Don't Take Pictures of Cattle Ranches

Environmentalists worry a new law could prevent 'citizen science' efforts aimed at collecting soil and water samples, or even taking photos, on public lands leased to ranchers.


The Federal Government Killed Nearly Three Million Animals Last Year

An agency within the US Department of Agriculture killed black bears, mountain lions, grey wolves, and even bald eagles in an effort to curb losses in the agricultural sector.


Members of Congress Want to Remove the Gray Wolf From the Endangered Species Act

Legislators say gray wolf populations have rebounded and are no longer in need of federal protections — a claim rejected by the courts.


PSA: Most American Ranchers Aren't Racist Pieces of Shit

Clive Bundy is just a Fox News-generated exception.