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Rent-Your-Own Rain Rooms Become Big Business in China

Numerous online companies are renting out copycat installations of Random International’s widely acclaimed artwork.


It's a Kinetic Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

See your reflection through the eyes of an insect in Random International's motion-activated mirror.


The 'Rain Room' Creators Are Getting Their Own Exhibition

Random International is exhibiting a collection of new works in a show at the Pace Gallery entitled On the Body.


Is This Kinetic Light Sculpture Man or Machine?

Random International explores the bare minimum information we need to "see" a human in 'Study for Fifteen Points.'


The 'Rain Room' Arrives Where Rain Is Scarce: LA

It never rained in Southern California, until now.


Rain Room in the Rain Forest: Billionaire Plans Bali Art Theme Park

Philanthropist Budi Tek announces monumental "art theme park" in Indonesia.


A Bigger, Wetter 'Rain Room' Set to Pour Down in Shanghai

More visitors than ever will get to weather the faux weather inside Budi Tek's planned 500 sq. ft. Yaz Museum setup.


6 Artists Who Use Waterfalls As Canvases

From the Rain Room to Olafur Eliasson's installation at the Brooklyn Bridge, these six projects creatively interpret falling water.


Random International Turn 30,000 Liters Of Water Into A Monumental Tower

In Tower: Instant Structure for Schacht XII the chaos of falling water becomes an ephemeral structure.


Walking Through Rain Without Getting Wet: MoMA's Rain Room

rAndom International's incredibly popular installation is coming to a close this weekend.


Exclusive Video: Take a Tour of MoMA's Rain Room

Imagine being able to control the weather, even for just a few minutes.


Step Inside MoMA's Rain Room [Exclusive Video]

Random International discuss why they decided to create a room full of falling water.