A$AP Rocky

A Key Witness in A$AP Rocky's Assault Trial Is Changing Her Story

The verdict could come as early as Friday.
Kelly Vinett

How SoundCloud Rappers and Xanax Influenced Fashion

There is a palpable vulnerability to many of these artists that is reflected in both what they put in and on their body.
Emma Garland
Remembering Things

A Brief History of Maroon 5's Corny Collaborations With Rappers

Doing everything is in many ways the key to musical success these days, and it’s a tactic Maroon 5 has mastered, seen nowhere as well as through the puzzling fruits of their musical collaborations.
Kate Dries

Make an MC of Your Kid With This Illustrated Rap Alphabet Book

Andrew Morgan draws Biggie Smalls, Tupac Shakur, and Kanye West as adorable, blunt-smoking letters of the alphabet.
Andrew Nunes

Rapper and Actress Awkwafina on Being a Rare Asian-American in Hollywood

"I don't ever go out for auditions where I feel like I'm making a minstrel out of our people."
Linda Yang
Eat This

When Did Hip-Hop Get So Healthy?

A new documentary focuses on the movement to get fit or die trying.
Austin Williams
Holy Shit

President Barack Obama, Extremely Chill Dude, Chats to Sway About His Favorite Rappers

Jay-Z is “the king,” Kendrick is “doing amazing work,” Chance is “family,” and President Barack Obama is so cool.
Alex Robert Ross
Internet Exploring

When Nicki Minaj Met Lauryn Hill She Fell to Her Knees and Sobbed

Watch the two artists meet for the first time backstage at a recent show.
Daisy Jones

'Atlanta' Is More Than Strip Clubs and Trap Houses

Atlanta has become a caricature in our collective consciousness. But Donald Glover's new show breaks down those tired tropes by reflecting the city's ragged humanity.
Mensah Demary

The Skaters Getting Paid to Hang Out with Lil Wayne

Who needs an energy drink sponsorship when Cash Money is paying you to shred the gnar with Weezy F. Baby?
Zara Golden

What UGK’s ‘Ridin Dirty’ Means to Houston's Souped-Up Car Culture

Souped-up cars are so central to 'Ridin Dirty' that Bun and Pimp actually appear in a whip on the cover. In celebration of the record's 20th anniversary, we hopped on the phone with some of Houston's most influential slab artists to talk about the...
Patrick Lyons

Photos from Inside Atlanta's Strip Clubs

We caught up with Scottish photographer Ivan Wigan, whose series 'The Gods' is a celebration of the culture and community around hip-hop in the American South.
Karley Sciortino