• 9.30.14

      How to Avoid Getting Delhi Belly in India

      Some Westerners who visit India to find their inner selves end up doing just that while crouched over a toilet—but that's because they're eating the wrong food. India is awash in excellent dishes overflowing with both flavor and gut-soothing magic.

    • 7.24.14

      South Indian Rasam Soup Recipe

      Drink this spicy-sour soup at the end of a meal, or serve with white rice.

    • 1.31.14

      Old Ladies in India Are the Best Cooks in the World

      It's me, Dapwell, former member of rap group, Das Racist. I'm currently in South India hanging out with my grandmother, watching Indian soap operas, talking shit, and eating too much. Old ladies around here are still the best cooks in the world.