Raspberry Pi


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But to get it to work long range might be pricy.


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Two chatbots attempt to converse in Swedish and Italian in artist Jonas Eltes' 'Lost in Computation.'


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Mortar mix, Raspberry Pi Zero, and voila, a console for retro games


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A new plug and hack device can steal your cookies even if your computer is locked.


This Gig Bag Is Actually a Playable Guitar

Interaction designer Martin Hertig’s 'Zippy' is a sound-generating guitar gig bag.


Awww, Look at This Tiny Super Nintendo

YouTuber details how he made tiny SNES emulator with clay, a Raspberry Pi computer, and other assorted materials.


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Two researchers have created a proof-of-concept for a cheap, multi-functional, hacker drone.


A Guide to Making Your Own Tweeting Plant

Makes for first-rate GIFs.


Behold, the 'Hamster Powered Hamster Drawing Machine'

Neil Mendoza’s latest invention is a drawing machine powered by the mechanical energy of a hamster.


CERN Researchers Are Making a DIY Cosmic Ray Detector in Their Spare Time

Cosmic Pi makes each user a single pixel in an open source cosmic ray telescope.


The Raspberry Pi 3 Is Built for the Internet of Things

Founder Eben Upton explains that including Bluetooth and wireless LAN for the first time "changes what you can do" with the Pi.