Rat Bastard

    • 9.26.16

      Lucid Dream IRL at the World’s First Vaporwave Mall

      Miami's III Points Music, Art & Technology Festival debuts 'Sunsets@Noon,' a 6,000-square-foot shopping mall.

    • 5.1.08

      Whsshkkkk! - Part 1

      Some facts about a man named Rat Bastard: Born Frank Falestra and unceremoniously given his current moniker by a shitty punk band he recorded 20 years ago, he lives in Miami, three blocks away from the thong-riddled shores of South Beach.

    • 5.1.08

      Whsshkkkk! - Part 2

      In the 1980s I was in bands, three or four guys trying to play music together. It wasn’t necessarily good or well practiced, but they were always like, “Hey, let’s try to play that song again. Let’s prove we can actually write this stuff.”