Raul Castro


The Castro era just officially ended in Cuba

86-year-old Raúl Castro stepped down after 10 years as Cuba’s president.


Trump Matters More for US-Cuba Relations Than Castro's Death

Even after Fidel's death, his legacy will live on thanks to his brother—what Donald Trump will do when it comes to Cuba is far more of a mystery.


Trump Woke Up Early to Tweet Threats About US-Cuba Relations

It's probably best to book a flight and bring back some Cuban cigars and rum while you still can.


We met the young hustlers cashing in on Cuba's booming black market

Millions of Cubans have turned to the underground economy to replace or supplement the meager wages of their state-sponsored jobs, as government employment on the communist island continues to pay notoriously poorly.


How a French woman became a Colombian rebel

Natalie Mistral joined Colombia's biggest rebel group, the FARC, in 2001. VICE News recently talked to the 42-year-old guerrilla fighter about her life, now that the group's leaders are poised to sign a peace deal ending 50 years of conflict.


Colombia's 50-year war ends with historic ceasefire between rebels and government

The ceasefire commits the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, to completely demobilize within six months of the signing of one more accord — the final peace deal — that is expected very soon.


Meet the Young Palestinian Revolutionaries Rising Up in the West Bank on the Next Episode of 'VICE' on HBO

Check out the trailer for this Friday's upcoming episode airing March 25 at 11PM.


Why Major League Baseball's Visit to Cuba Matters

America has been obsessed with what was in Cuba at the expense of what is. Tuesday's game is a chance to change that.


Raul Castro Calls Out US 'Double Standards' on Human Rights in Meeting With Obama

Castro made the rare step of taking questions from journalists during Obama's historic visit, and he angrily demanded to be shown a list of political prisoners when asked about human rights.


Cuba Detains Members of Prominent Dissident Group Ahead of Historic Visit by Obama

The US president made history when he touched down in Havana on Sunday afternoon, but Cuba's long history of silencing political dissidents looms large during the visit.


The Mosquito That Started Today's Zika Outbreak in Brazil Was Killed Off 50 Years Ago

Brazil’s government has declared “war” on the Aedes aegypti mosquito but conditions have changed since the country eliminated the insect in 1958, when it was spreading yellow fever.