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Sea Creatures That Look Like Delicious Italian Dishes, Ranked

The "ravioli starfish" isn't the only sea creature that looks like something you'd find at a red-sauce Italian restaurant.
Bettina Makalintal

'Suspicious Object' Shuts Down Chicago Street, Turns Out to be a Chef Boyardee Can on Wheels

We stan the almost-sentient can of ravioli.
Jelisa Castrodale

Mushroom-Filled Ravioli Recipe

It's cold outside, and that's the perfect reason to stay in and practice your homemade pasta.
Max Taylor
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Make Mario Batali's Ravioli al’Amatriciana and Experience True Amore

Packed with guanciale and tomatoes, then tossed with butter, these ravioli are like little pouches of heaven.
Munchies Staff

Ravioli al’Amatriciana Recipe

Packed with guanciale and tomatoes, then tossed with butter, these ravioli are dinner perfection.
Mario Batali
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Everyone Thinks These Photos of Saturn's Moon Look Like Ravioli

New photos of one of Saturn's moons demonstrate that stuffed pasta can evoke as much awe as the infinite cosmos that surrounds us.
Nick Rose

Mario Cooks for Jimmy Fallon & Mary Giuliani

Jimmy Fallon and Mary Giuliani join Mario in the MUNCHIES Test Kitchen.
Mario Batali
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Be Your Own Batali and Make This Beet and Ricotta Ravioli

When you make this delectable homemade ravioli recipe from Mario Batali, you too will feel like a true Master of Lunch.
Munchies Staff
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Make Yourself a Behemoth Pile of These Easy, Tasty Dumplings

Whether you're looking for a sweet treat with black sesame and condensed milk or a savory seafood version with shrimp and herbs, we've got your dumpling angles covered.
Munchies Staff

This Chef Quit His Restaurant Job to Start a Sustainable Trout Farm

After stints at high end London restaurants, chef Antonio Paladino threw it all in to start an aquaponics farm in Somerset. The sustainable agriculture system combines the raising of fish with the soil-less growing of plants.
Michael Segalov

The Offal Osteria Is Putting the Guts Back into Florence's Former Red Light District

Il Magazzino—started by an ex-lithographer—serves up lampredotto-filled ravioli, offal sushi, tongue carpaccio, and tripe ragu spaghetti, among other surprises.
Coral Sisk

Food Crimes: Snack Shoplifters and Cop Ravioli

In this week's Food Crimes blotter, we investigate a shoplifter who brazenly posts his snack-stealing on YouTube, a woman who used beer in a carjacking, and more.
Munchies Staff