Ray Kurzweil

The Burnout and Escapism Issue

The Death of Death

What young people can learn from a society of aging immortalists trying to live long enough to live forever.
Annalies Winny

These Abstract Paintings Are Made by Slashing Blades Across Canvas

Shannon Finley’s large abstract works vibrate with tension.
B. David Zarley
thump news

Steve Aoki Is Getting Cryogenically Frozen

He was inspired by influential technologist Ray Kurzweil to make the move.
Alexander Iadarola

AI Takes Over a Detroit Car Factory in This Short Film

Glimpse into the start of the Singularity in Factory Fifteen’s latest short, ‘ANA.’
Nathaniel Ainley

Meet the Doctor Who Believes He Can Live to 150 By Taking 100 Pills Per Day

We spoke to Dr. Alex Zhavoronkov about his belief that humans are capable of living to a century-and-a-half, and asked why anyone would actually want to.
Adam Forrest

Philosopher John Gray Believes Humanity's Desire for Freedom Is a Lie

We talked to him about Gnosticism, torture, and the economic crisis.
Johannes Niederhauser

Your Personal Data Forms the Basis of This Interactive Doc

Immerse yourself in French filmmaker Antoine Viviani's experimental documentary experience featuring interviews with Ray Kurzweil and Paul Miller, among others.
DJ Pangburn
Post Mortem

This Mortician Wants You to Take a Hands-On Approach with Corpses

"We are entrenched in the idea that dead bodies are dangerous, and we are entrenched in the idea that it is better to have professionals do it... American death is a really recent invention."
Simon Davis

The Coming Robot Apocalypse Looks Like a Bunch of Spreadsheets, Not Killer Drones

We're succumbing to the economic equivalent of carbon monoxide. The future we were promised, of limitless leisure kept afloat by a few breezy hours of work each week, looks more distant than ever. Our destruction by automatons is disappointingly un...
Peter Lawrence Kane