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The Los Angeles Chargers Have a Website, Would Like $100

The San Diego Chargers are now the Los Angeles Chargers! If that statement fails to excite you, wait until you see their depressing-as-hell new website.
David Roth

Jim Brown Is Apparently in Love with Donald Trump

Brown and Ray Lewis swung by Trump Tower together, and the NFL legends apparently had a great time.
Sarah Bellman
Donald Trump

Jim Brown, Ray Lewis Meet with Trump

It's been a busy day at Trump Tower.
Sean Newell

Moltissimo: Mario Cooks for Ray Lewis & Rohan Marley

Ray Lewis—football legend—and Rohan Marley—Founder of Marley Coffee—join Mario Batali in the MUNCHIES Test Kitchen.
Mario Batali
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Ray Lewis's Son Turns Himself in for Sexual Assault

Ray Lewis's son has been accused of sexually assaulting an incapacitated 18-year-old.
Sean Newell
steve young

Steve Young Broke Out his Version of the Ray Lewis Squirrel Dance

Watch and enjoy.
Sean Newell
ray lewis

Ray Lewis Has Some Strong Words for Baltimore

Ray Lewis filmed a video telling Baltimore to stop rioting.
Sean Newell

Oscar Pistorius Didn't Get Away With Murder, But He Did Get Off Easy

What is it about elite athletes that lets them get away so easily, even when they're violent?
Smriti Sinha

Retired Cop Ray Lewis Blames Corporate America for the Situation in Ferguson

In 2011, veteran Philadelphia police officer Ray Lewis became a mascot for the non-hippies at Occupy Wall Street. Last week he brought his colorful brand of activism to Ferguson.
Sam Koebrich

I Want to Remember Ray Lewis As a Crazy Person

Ray Lewis, the longtime defensive stalwart/crazy person of the Baltimore Ravens, might be playing in his final game on Sunday. Professional football commentators tend to spew a lot of irrelevant filler about “heart” and “soul,” but for Lewis, all of...
Luke Winkie