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Why the US Navy's push to use biofuel isn't making a whole lot of sense

The Navy's "Great Green Fleet" initiative seeks to increase the use of alternative fuels, but politics, economics, and chemistry make its bet on biofuel look like a long shot.


The US Navy's New Ships Are Supposed to Hunt Mines But Can't Actually Find Them

The Navy spent 10 years and $700 million to develop a new type of mine-hunting ship, but repeated failures have led key lawmakers to suggest giving up on the project.


The Navy Wants Its Fried Food Back and Is Blaming Michelle Obama

On Navy Times’ Facebook page, Matt Phillips wrote, “Welcome to the Tofu Navy.” Jeff King was even more eloquent: “Pussies. This isn’t a Weight Watchers cruise. It’s the goddann [sic] Navy!”


The 3D Printed War

The democratizing technology could radically change the military-industrial complex.