Ray Rice

This Week in 2007

How 'TMZ Live' Became America's Guiltiest Pleasure

Ten years ago this week, Harvey Levin debuted the show that would go on to break some of the most infamous celebrity gossip stories.
Mitchell Sunderland

Is Greg Hardy Finally Too Toxic for the NFL?

While Greg Hardy's on-field behavior with the Dallas Cowboys is reason No. 1 NFL teams find him unemployable, the very real threat of public backlash is a contributing factor at this point.
Rivers McCown
depth chart

Ray Rice, Running Back, Punched His Fiancée in the Face

Broadly Staff

A Beginner's Guide to Understanding the NFL Personal Conduct Policy

Are you not a football fan, but still wonder why the fuck alleged violent criminals are allowed to earn millions of dollars in this organization? We wrote this for you.
Karisa Maxwell
Ride Along

Ride Along: Brent and Miko Grimes talk Sex on Sunday and the Ray Rice Scandal

In this VICE Sports exclusive we talk to the Miami Dolphins cornerback and his better half about what it takes to make a roster, watching the Ray Rice video as an NFL couple, and making sure Brent is totally relaxed when he gets the field.
VICE Sports
polarizing players

Polarizing Fantasy Players: Justin Forsett

Is it inevitable that Justin Forsett will get hurt this season?
Christopher Harris
not again

Reverse Sexism, Ray McDonald, and the Luxurious Idiocy of the Chicago Bears

The Bears' signing of accused rapist and domestic abuser Ray McDonald places in sharp relief just how backwards the modern NFL has become.
David Roth

What the NFL Can and Should Do about Domestic Violence

The NFL says it wants to be a leader in the domestic violence space. Plenty of domestic violence experts are willing to step up and tell them how to do just that.
Aaron Gordon
Tom Jackson

Tom Jackson: Colleagues Got Death Threats Over DeflateGate

Tom Jackson claims that a number of his colleagues at ESPN have received death threats as a result of the Patriots deflated balls controversy.
Sean Newell
mueller report

What the Mueller Report Doesn't Have to Tell Us

The NFL's blue-ribbon report effectively exonerated itself for its conduct surrounding Ray Rice's suspension. That's not even what's most ridiculous about it.
David Roth

How Victims Get Trapped in Cycles of Domestic Abuse

Leaving an abusive relationship is much harder than it looks from the outside.
Allegra Ringo

Five Things Men Utterly Ruined for Me in 2014

Sexism's had a strong year, so let's look back with misty eyes at all the misogyny and reactionary weirdness from horrible dude-bros.
Brydie Lee-Kennedy