Supreme Court rules against VICE in press freedom battle against the RCMP

The Supreme Court has upheld an RCMP order compelling VICE and reporter Ben Makuch to hand over source materials.


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U.S. authorities say Robert Kiessling, of British Columbia, was a major fentanyl vendor on the dark web.


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Canada’s Spies, Police, and Border Agents Are Quietly Coordinating on Biometrics

Privacy experts worry the meetings could put Canadians’ privacy at risk.


Is Police Culture Set Up to Fail Sex Workers?

Even in Vancouver, where sex work is “not an enforcement priority,” sex assault charges against a high-profile anti-exploitation detective show little has changed.


Canada’s Update to Classified Documents System Could Raise Hacking Risks

But the current system is 'out of date and unsustainable.'


Canada’s Police Allowed Journalists to ‘Embed’ to Argue For More Surveillance

Robert Cribb of the Toronto Star and Dave Seglins of the CBC explain how their five-part investigative series into digital policing came to be.


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Experts say stage-managed information sharing with journalists is a PR play.


The RCMP Used Police Databases and Social Media to Track Aboriginal Protestors

The RCMP then made their identities known to front-line officers.