• 12.16.10

      Dear VICE - I'm a Real Photographer

      This reader sent in a photo of their Goddaughter showing how to pose with a Winchester .44.

    • 6.1.10

      VICE Mail

      Dear Vice, Just writing to commend you on your excellent contribution to the modern magazine world. Haha. Just kidding. I don’t read your magazine, but the cartoons in the back make me laugh.

    • 5.1.10

      VICE Mail

      Dear VICE, I noticed the global trend report was missing from this year’s Fashion Issue. THANK YOU. THAT SHIT SUCKED.

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    • 11.1.09

      VICE Mail

      Dear Vice, I keep on imagining you doing a Hawaii Issue. Will that ever happen?

    • 9.1.08

      VICE Mail

      I was just wondering what your safety policy is or what you recommend we do in situations that could yield greatly in the name of Vice but could probably and would probably end in our absolute death.

    • 3.1.08

      VICE Mail

      OK, you got me. The trash pileup in the middle of the ocean is scary. But what are we supposed to do about it? Just be scared? Solutions please.

    • 2.1.08

      VICE Mail

      I bought some nice clothes at an American Apparel store in Camarillo, California. The gentleman was very helpful and courteous but then he put this disgusting magazine in my bag.

    • 1.1.08

      VICE Mail

      Re: the “War Resistant” article: All you military deserters deserve exactly what you will get. You were never forced into it. You joined of your own free will.

    • 12.1.06

      Vice Mail

      This is not an ass kiss, more of a sincere thank-you. I am not a part of Vice’s demographic—37, married with three kids, ages 10, 8, and 6.