Ready for 100


US Cities are Suing the Fossil Fuel Industry to Stop Irreparable Climate Change Damage

As the Trump administration continues to fawn over the fossil fuel industry rather that job-creating renewable energy, local proponents in New York and California are looking for ways to take up the fight in court.


Climate Change-Fueled Natural Disasters Made 2017 the Costliest Weather Year Ever

The U.S. suffered 16 weather and climate disasters that each caused losses in excess of $1 billion, but recovery programs are trying to combat this new normal.


Maryland Protesters Confronted State Lawmakers for Better Clean Energy Jobs

Activists across the state are demanding that elected officials make environmental justice part of their economic policy.


With 50 US Cities Committed to 100 Percent Clean Energy, 2018 Presents New Renewable Challenges

Cities will narrow their focus and begin the vital, if less glamorous, process of figuring out how to implement their environmental policy goals.


7 Wins from 2017 That Give Us Hope for the Year Ahead

It’s been a year, but people-power is more alive than ever and we can still have a bright future if you want it.


These Ten Women Were Chosen to Be Our Next Climate Change Leaders

Women mayors and business leaders from some of the world’s biggest cities pledged to help them tackle climate change and deliver on the goals of the Paris climate agreement.


Trump Loves Coal, But a 19-Country Coalition is About to Phase It Out Completely

The Cop23 climate negotiations were basically everybody leaving the U.S. to do whatever it wants to do with fossil fuels all alone.


Copenhagen and Wuhan are Among 90 Cities Linking Up to Lead the Fight Against Climate Change

They were honored at the C40 Cities Bloomberg Philanthropies Awards, which supports cities addressing climate change in concrete and creative ways


We're Not Letting Trump's Policies Stop Our Cities from Fighting Climate Change

Despite the Trump administration's delusions about climate and energy, city leaders are moving forward without them.


The Progress Report on American Cities Battling Climate Change Looks...Good

The Sierra Club released a new report about the Ready for 100 campaign. None of the cities profiled have reached their 100 percent clean energy goal yet, but they've taken steps in the right direction.


Fight Goes Local After Trump's EPA Ditched Obama's Clean Power Plan

Just like when Trump pulled out of the Paris climate agreement, officials at the community level must step up to address America's energy crisis.


Car-Free Transportation Could Vastly Improve the Health and Economy of the US

Governments can use car-free transportation as another strategy to address broader social concerns like health, safety, and cost of living.