Artist Sneaks Urinal-Subway Seat Onto NYC Train

Inspired by Duchamp and his Readymades, Benjamin Nordsmark crafted a hybrid urinal-subway seat from plywood, painted it orange, then headed off on the subway to get people’s reactions.


Jeff Koons Recycles Birkin Bags as Art

Jeff Koons sold pre-owned Hermès handbags as readymades.


Donald Trump’s Unwashed Fork to be Used in a Protest Against Xenophobia

This is what happens when Australian artist Van T. Rudd gets his hands on a dinner fork used by Donald Trump.


Steal This Fork: An Artist Spent 15 Years Stealing Silverware Used by the 1%

Hillary Clinton and Prince Harry are but a few nobles whose spit and food crumbs show up in Van T. Rudd’s readymades.


Not All Art Is Visible

From Marina Abramovic's performance art to Tom Marioni's 'The Act of Drinking Beer with One's Friends Is the Highest Form of Art,' it's all art.


Artist Hacks Photojournalism with Readymade Assemblage Sculptures

Dive inside the hypercritical world of JJ PEET's 'MAGiCSTANCE' exhibition, currently on display at On Stellar Rays Gallery.


Leftover Cowhide Becomes Abstract Art in the Hands of Anneliese Schrenk

Animal skins form reinterpretations of drawing, painting, and readymade art in a new pop-up exhibition from the Viennese artist.


Meet The Artist Who Launched The First Kickstarter-Powered Art Exhibition

Using the crowd-funding platform as a medium, Krystal South created a one-of-a-kind exhibition format.