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The Weirdest House in San Fran Is a Steal at Just $8.5 Million

Chenery House has six bedrooms, a retractable roof, and a fake tree that spits fire.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete
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I Used San Francisco’s Multi-Million-Dollar Open Houses as My Own Buffet

And was only mildly humiliated in the process.
Nick Greene

Fancy Co-Living Spaces Are the Trendy New Way White People Ruin Everything

How the hipster solution to the rising cost of rent is gentrifying neighborhoods.
Caroline Thompson

All the Bonkers, Evil Shit I Saw at a Wealth Expo Featuring Sylvester Stallone

I was sad because this cult of money shit works. Then Pitbull showed up.
Jordan Foisy
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Suspected bomber in Texas left behind 25-minute recording, Trump going after China on trade, spending bill includes some gun-control half-measures, and more.
VICE Staff
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London Rental Opportunity of the Week: A $4 Million Fuck Dungeon

What else are you doing with your basement?
Joel Golby

The Sad, Urine-Soaked History of Alaska’s Igloo Hotel

The slice of roadside Americana the state has deemed an "attractive nuisance" is for sale and can be yours for just $300,000.
Michael Goldberg
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This 'Alien Ranch' in Arizona Could Be Yours for $5 Million

The property's owner says he's been visited by dozens of otherworldly creatures, and killed 18 of them with a samurai sword.
Drew Schwartz
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I Bought a Condo and It Ruined My Life

Nearly a decade after the collapse of the housing bubble, I'm still feeling the consequences.
Mike Tunison
The VICE Guide to Right Now

We Have Found Hell on Earth and It Is This Cat House in the Desert

It could be yours for $240,000, or haunt your dreams for free.
Drew Schwartz
Tunnel Vision

Could the L Train Shutdown Actually Be a Good Thing for Renters?

The 15-month subway closure might finally make north Brooklyn (somewhat) affordable.
John Surico
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This New $100M Mansion Comes with Damien Hirsts—and a Super Porn-y Promo Video

Billed as Beverly Hills' most expensive property, promotional visuals for a house called "OPUS" feature two Hirst paintings, a car museum, and a flock of gilded models.
Beckett Mufson