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How "Real Hip-Hop" Is This Twitter Rap Battle Between Lupe Fiasco and Daylyt?

"This ashole all gas's....that's s fart / But behind u is whole art ..."
Phil Witmer
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

There's Deep Meditative Power in This Video of a Guy Dabbing 76 Times to Johnny Cash's "Hurt"

The Buddha teaches us that life is suffering. Gamez John has a path to enlightenment.
Kyle Kramer
Internet Exploring

Joell Ortiz Is on the Greatest Cover Art Run We've Ever Seen

A million rap albums and mixtapes covers drop every day, but Joell Ortiz has consistently dropped the best ones.
Noisey Staff
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

“Support Real Hip-Hop”: Slim Jesus Gets His Mic Snatched at Canadian Show

We guess this is what you get for putting Chief Keef in your top 5.
Jabbari Weekes
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Converting to the Church of BasedGod: Lil B's MIT Lecture Won Me Over

Watching Lil B speak will change your life.
Neil Martinez-Belkin
VICE Premiere

Ryshon Jones's "Bottomless Pit" Will Make You Want to Do Something with Your Worthless Life

In Jones's own words, this new track embodies "the idea of growth and taking power in your own hands. There are people who complain about things. And then there are people who sit back, observe, and change what they don't like.”
Charlie Ambler

DJ Premier Talks Kanye, Disclosure, and That One Time He Walked in on Biggie Eating Fried Chicken in His Boxers

The hip-hop legend has a story or two to tell.
Skinny Friedman
Holy Shit

Holy Shit, Drake Just Put Out a Song at a Normal Time and Hinted at His Next Album Release Date

It's called "0 to 100," and there's a lot going on.
Kyle Kramer

My Ringtone Weighs a Ton #2: Ringtone Killed the Real Hip-Hop Star

How "Ringtone Rap" helped kill the "Real Hip-Hop" mentality.
Andrew Winistorfer

Das Racist Broke Up. Now What?

It's fine, it's fine, it's fine. Nobody died. Relax.
Drew Millard