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Las Vegas police want a DNA sample from Cristiano Ronaldo for a rape investigation

He could even be extradited and faces charges in the U.S.
Emma Ockerman
Champions League

Ronaldo Scorches Bicycle Kick Against Juventus

The walking statue has scored two goals for Real Madrid in Champions League play today and the second was an absolute sparkler.
Sean Newell
El Assico

The Miami El Clásico Is Already the Silliest El Clásico

The mayor of Miami welcomed "Rolando" to his fair city—and that's just the jumping off point.
Liam Daniel Pierce
the legend of golden balls

How David Beckham Became Football’s First Truly Global Brand

Though many players of the nineties and noughties were at least as iconic as Beckham, and some more talented, ‘Golden Balls’ broke the corporate mould like no other. Here’s how he ceased to be a footballer and became a brand instead.
Will Magee

Ronaldo Reportedly Wants to Leave Real Madrid

After being accused of tax fraud, the luxury underwear salesman wants to leave Spain.
Sean Newell

Mandžukić Wipes the Smirk off Ronaldo's Face with Gorgeous Bicycle Kick Golazo

Ronaldo scored in the 20th minute, but the response from Mandžukić was (kisses fingers).
Liam Daniel Pierce
Champions League

Gianluigi Buffon’s Remarkable Career Lacks a Champions League Trophy

Though no career is perfect, Buffon's comes close. One trophy has eluded him, however, leaving timeworn cracks in his time at Juventus.
Will Sharp
shite derby streaks

Soccer Clubs’ Worst Ever Streaks Against Their Derby Rivals

With Atletico Madrid suffering yet more pain in Europe at the hands of intra-city rivals Real, we take a look at the worst derby streaks of all time.
Will Magee
La Liga

Cristiano Ronaldo Heads In 367th Goal to Become Top Scorer in Europe's Top Six Leagues

It's an impressive tally, and I'm sure we won't hear the end of it—from him—for a long time.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Ronaldinho Administers Filthy No-Look Assist in Geriatric El Classico

Keep doing whatever it is you're doing, Ronaldinho, and let's hit the club the next time you're stateside.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Cristiano Ronaldo Reportedly Paid Out $375,000 to Alleged Rape Victim

There's a constellation of loose parts that string together something of a complete narrative of the alleged incident and a connection to Ronaldo, but there is no direct evidence of the rape and the hush money payment.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Airport Named after Cristiano Ronaldo also Has Terrible Ronaldo Statue

Somehow people keep messing up statues of Cristiano Ronaldo.
Sean Newell