(Not So) Alternate Reality: The Chicago Olympics Are So Screwed

Rio de Janeiro has been an easy target for the U.S. media. We imagine a world where Chicago won their bid to host the 2016 Games, and find some of the same problems plaguing Rio.
Aaron Gordon
Holy Shit

Watch Nick Jonas Bomb Out of a Guitar Solo Live at Last Night's ACM Awards

You know when you flop at 'Guitar Hero' and the stupid fake plastic guitar makes all those mortifying squeals? Yeah.
Craig Jenkins
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Paul McCartney Not VIP Enough For Tyga Grammy Afterparty

Is "Rack City" more relevant than The Beatles?
Jabbari Weekes
VICE vs Video games

A Dozen Xbox 360 Games That Definitely Don’t Suck in 2015

With the Xbox One promising more backwards compatibility and the Xbox 360 turning ten, here are 12 games that you need to play, today.
Mike Diver

Unpackaging London's Hated ‘Hipster Model,’ Ricki Hall

This weekend, Hall went "viral" on "the internet" for being everything people hate about hipsters. But is he really the WOAT?
Joel Golby

The Ultras, Azov Battalion, and Soccer From Inside Ukraine

The Azov Batallion has been called patriotic by some, neo-Nazis by others, and on Monday night they were at Kiev's Olympic Stadium for a Euro 2016 qualifying match.
R.J. Rico

Find New Music Stashed In The Woods

<p>Music label Really turn music distribution into a treasure hunt in the forest.</p>
Kevin Holmes
The No Photos Issue

Keith Jones Wants To Be A Dog But Is Really A Bird

Vice: I imagine the inside of your brain looking like your drawings, but more Canadian.
Sarah Steinberg
The Homo Neanderthalensis Issue

Climb Every Mountain

Ryan McPhun is an American living in New Zealand. He moved there five years ago and as you can imagine, his accent is a bit strange.
Tip Toe
The What We Do is Secret Issue

VICE Presents The People's Lists

Fine art can really make you sick. Or so says Dr. Graziella Magherini, author of <i>The Stendhal Syndrome</i>.
David Wallechinsky, Amy Wallace
The Horse's Ass Issue

Giant Cats

The widespread denial of the existence of large cats—like panthers, leopards and lions and tigers—in the Australian bush, strangely defies the number of sightings by locals and budding cryptozoologists.
Langlo West
The News From All Over Issue

Mycology 101

It’s always exciting to find some chanterelles because they grow symbiotically on tree roots and can’t be cultivated.
David Fischer