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Madonna Played a Surprise Acoustic Show on the Streets of Paris Last Night

After her sold-out show at the Bercy arena she performed three songs at the Place de la République—a site of tributes to 130 people who died in the terrorist attack on November 13.
Noisey Staff

Why Is Madonna, the Grown-Ass Grammy-Winning Queen of Pop, Still Looking for Ideas to Steal?

Any cringeworthy moment Madonna serves up isn't the result of age, or of the length of her career, or even a dulled instinct as far as picking songs—so why does she keep trying to prove herself?
Maura Johnston
Holy Shit

Bitch, You're Madonna. We Get It Already.

Here is the ridiculous video for "Bitch, I'm Madonna."
Bryn Lovitt

How Lucious Lyon Fucked Over Madonna

The Queen of Pop sold more albums but the TV soundtrack ended up on top. Why?
Zel McCarthy
Longreads Or Whatever

Bitch, I'm Madonna: "I Want to Live Forever and I'm Going to"

We sat down with the pop pioneer to talk sexism and motherhood, the search for love, the magic of Miley, and the viability of dating Drake.
Kim Taylor Bennett

Madonna's "Living For Love" Is the First Music Video to Premiere on Snapchat

This move is the latest step in Snapchat's evolution into a news and entertainment destination.
VICE Thump
Holy Shit

Wow, Let's All Listen to "Iconic," the Madonna Song with Chance the Rapper (Oh and Mike Tyson)

In which a song automatically lives up to its title.
Kyle Kramer

The Guy Who Leaked Madonna's 'Rebel Heart' Just Got Arrested

He has been identified as a former reality show contestant.
VICE Thump

Madonna Sings About Sniffing Glue on Her Great New Album 'Rebel Heart'

The record is Madge's most relevant in 16 years.
Mitchell Sunderland

Beat by Beat Review: Madonna’s “Rebel Heart” Safely Evolves Without Reinventing

After last week’s leaks, Madonna released six new songs this weekend as an “early Christmas present,” featuring Diplo, Avicii, Nicki Minaj and some PC Music homages.
Zel McCarthy
Woah, Dude!

Bitch, She's Madonna: Six New Songs from Madge's Upcoming Album Have Just Popped Up on iTunes

On March 10, the pop icon will release a new album, 'Rebel Heart,' that includes a collaboration with Nicki Minaj.
Noisey Staff