The Brewers Are Rebuilding and Reloading at the Same Time

They aren't in first place in their division anymore, but the Brewers have managed to compete now and build for the long run.
Christopher Crawford
down goes brown

Down Goes Brown Grab Bag: Cool Kids, Retaliation Fights, and Non-Rebuilding Canucks

Should hockey players stand up for a teammate that just took a vicious hit? Should the Canucks rebuild? Read the article.
Sean McIndoe
new york yankees

The Yankees are Winning and Rebuilding, But This Isn't a Preview of the Future

Somehow the Yankees still have a shot at the division.
Steven Goldman

Ryan Howard, the Last Relic of the Philadelphia Phillies' Glory Years

During the first two years of his career, Ryan Howard was hitting home runs and the Phillies were competing for championships. Now Howard is in obvious decline, and the Phillies are rebuilding.
Mike Vorkunov

How Portland Is Rewriting the NBA Rebuilding Script

The Blazers' rebuilding playbook seemed predictable, but so far this season has turned out to be anything but. Challenges remain for one of the NBA's youngest teams, but Portland is enjoying their unexpected playoff run—and proving doubters wrong.
Ben Detrick

There's Always Next Year: San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers and Chip Kelly enter this offseason a poor bet to do much in 2016.
Rivers McCown

The Houston Astros Have Erased Their Summer From Hell

Last year, Houston's ambitious rebuilding project looked shaky and felt miserable. This year, thus far, they've been redeemed and rejuvenated. Funny how that works.
Miles Wray

The Uniquely Shitty Orlando Magic

As a mismatched team led by a lost coach and boardroom-bot GM, the Orlando Magic are unique among the NBA's worst teams in that they have no endgame.
Colin McGowan

Christchurch is Still a Mess

Four years after Christchurch was hit by a magnitude 6.3 earthquake, repairs to the city aren't going so great. Local advocate Deon Swiggs gave us a tour.
Julian Morgans

Can the NBA Fix its Eastern Conference Problem?

Competitive balance is a problem in the NBA right now. But it takes a back seat to profitability.
Smriti Sinha
Minnesota Timberwolves

The Timberwolves' Rebuilding Process Is Already Screwed, Maybe

A process that began with hope is now headed for disaster as the Timberwolves load up on mismatched players and bad contracts.
Patrick Redford

Forging Unity in Syria with Music

With more than 145,000 people dead and 2.7 million Syrians displaced since the beginning of the crisis, music has, like many aspects of life, become an instrument of resistance and war. But while artists from all circles propagate support for the...
Mat Nashed