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Turkey Warns the U.S. Not to Interfere With Syria Invasion: 'No Power Can Stop Us'

The Turkish president has ruled out a ceasefire and refused to meet with Mike Pence. Meanwhile, Russia is filling the vacuum left by Trump's troop withdrawal.

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Trump Is Scrambling to Undo the Chaos He Unleashed in Northern Syria

A week after green-lighting Turkey's invasion of northern Syria, Trump is demanding an end to it, and threatening to wreck the Turkish economy with sanctions.


Trump’s Betrayal of the Kurds Is as Incoherent as It Is Dangerous

The Turkish incursion into Syria is almost certain to be a tragedy for the region’s vulnerable minorities, but the chain of events it is liable to set into motion are far easier to dread than accurately foresee.


Turkey Issues Yet Another Arrest Warrant for Enes Kanter

The Turkish New York Knicks center has been an outspoken critic of Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.


Erdoğan is happy to talk about Khashoggi, but not the hundreds of Turkish journalists he's thrown in jail

Hundreds of journalists have been imprisoned and roughly 200 media outlets shuttered under Erdoğan's watch.


U.S. relations with Turkey are so bad the American Embassy now has bullet holes

Anti-American sentiment has been on the rise in Turkey in recent weeks amid a bitter dispute between Washington and Ankara.


Turkey's ailing currency is no match for Trump's tweets

“We will pay nothing for the release of an innocent man, but we are cutting back on Turkey!”


Everything you need to know about Trump and Erdogan's dangerous feud over a jailed American pastor

"This issue could really escalate into a more serious confrontation between NATO allies.”


Trump fist-bumped Turkey’s strongman Erdoğan for “doing things the right way”

Turkey's leader feels no need to consult his own parliament on military spending.


Turkey’s election hands Erdoğan unchecked power for up to a decade

"This is pretty much an unchecked version of a presidency."


Turkey’s Erdogan wants to make adultery illegal

Adultery was illegal in Turkey until 1996


Turkey to U.S. troops in Syria: Please move so we can attack your Kurdish allies

A Turkish push in northern Syria carries a risk of U.S. forces getting caught in the crossfire.