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Weed Is Now Legal in Illinois

It marks the second time that weed legalization was passed by the Legislature rather than at the ballot box.
Kelly Vinett
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What happens when a state grows way too much weed

Oregon's roughly 1,100 licensed producers are growing about twice as much weed as the state's 4 million people are actually consuming.
Roberto Ferdman
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New Jersey's Black Caucus could be the state's biggest obstacle for legalizing weed

New Jersey's governor Phil Murphy has made legal weed one of his pet issues.
Roberto Ferdman
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California's Pot Growers Are Worried the State Has Too Much Weed

Though a surplus would mean cheaper pot for consumers, it also threatens to push cultivators into the black market.
Drew Schwartz
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People Are Now Getting Free Weed to Pick Up Trash

A local dispensary in Maine recently traded residents a gram for each trash bag they filled with litter after being inspired by a similar "gifting" scheme in Colorado.
Drew Schwartz
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Nevada takes steps to end the great legal weed shortage of 2017

After nearly two weeks of dispensaries selling recreational marijuana without a way to restock their shelves, the pot will soon start flowing in Nevada.
Alex Lubben

Nevada’s 13-day-old weed market is already total mayhem

Pot dispensaries are swiftly running out of supplies and even experiencing break-ins.
Josh Marcus

Yet another study shows legalizing weed doesn't make more teens get high

Keegan Hamilton
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You Can Now Buy Weed from a Drive-Thru in Colorado

The state welcomes the country's first express window for recreational weed.
Drew Schwartz

Here’s the plan to make legal weed lucrative for more than just white people

Amanda Chicago Lewis
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The VICE Morning Bulletin

FBI reportedly denied request to push back on Russia/Trump stories, Malaysia says Kim Jong-nam killed by toxic nerve agent, White House signals federal crackdown on weed, and more.
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The White House Just Promised a New Crackdown on Weed

Apparently Trump's cool with medicinal marijuana, but not the recreational kind.
Lauren Messman